Social Media Tools

General tools

  • Wikis: create web sites quickly, easily, collaboratively
  • Social networks: connect with others who share similar interests
  • Podcasting: record audio or video to share
  • Document sharing: share text documents, presentations; work collaboratively
  • Blogs: reflect, write, share; personal notes, professional information, special interest
  • Microblogs: short blogs
  • RSS feeds and readers: gather news, information from your favorite websites
  • Screen capture: record what's happeng on your desktop; great for how-to's and tutorials
There are no guarantees for privacy online
  • Find and read the privacy information for any social media tool you choose to use BEFORE creating an account
Do not publish (or share) personal information such as your home address, birthday, or SSN
  • Publishing or sharing an email address may lead to an increase in email SPAM - be sure to set up SPAM filters and run regular virus scans on your computer(s)
Be considerate of others and mindful of their privacy options
  • NEVER publish or share patient information
  • NEVER publish or share student information
  • NEVER publish or share colleague info without permission
    • this includes CVs, bios, articles, photos, videos
Be mindful of university policies regarding publishing information about the school, using school logos, and sharing school resources.

Branded tools