Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What should faculty know about social media

I'm teaming up with Drs. Marti Grayson and Elizabeth Kitsis from Einstein to facilitate a small group discussion titled "What Should Faculty Know About Social Media," at the 2012 AAMC meeting in San Francisco on Wednesday, November 7. We created our small group discussion proposal with the help of Dr. Vinny Arora of University of Chicago (aka my Twentor). During the session, participants will generate a listing of baseline competencies that should be demonstrated by all faculty, as well as strategies to help develop those competencies, to help our trainees meet the needs of practicing medicine in the digital age. Einstein will share their innovative and forward-thinking faculty development program on this topic. We are looking forward to helping other institutions develop their own faculty development programs on social media in medical education, as well as helping individual faculty create their own faculty development plan for social media use in their academic careers. A summary of the discussion and next steps will be posted afterwards. Hope to see you there!

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