Thursday, November 11, 2010

Assignment: How do you find time for social media?

One of the most common concerns expressed by medical educators regarding social media is time. People have asked me and my colleagues presenting the 'Incorporating social media into medical education' workshop series: how do you find time to do this?

Time management is unique to an individual because everyone has their own work schedule, family needs and personal hobbies and interests to consider. Therefore, there is no tried-and-true method or boilerplate strategy for incorporating social media into your daily or weekly routine.

How much or how little content you digest is up to you. How much content you create and publish is up to you. So where is the threshold? How much is too much and how much is too little? Without scheduling time to practice and participate, it is easy to abandon efforts and forgo mastering social media skills. Without discipline it is easy to lose a great deal of time trying to keep up with massive amounts of information. What some of us have done is create a social media diet for ourselves, a regimen for managing content consumption, and trained ourselves to produce content on a regular basis.

This week, in order to answer the question, let's find out if there are any commonalities or strategic moves among those of us who indulge in user generated web content. Write a blog post about your social media time management strategy, or share a reflective piece on your professional adoption and implementation of social media. You can answer the question directly or list tips for social media newbies. Because we all have differing roles in academic medicine - as clinicians, basic scientists, librarians, educators, students, residents, fellows, administrators - it will be interesting to read everyone's perspectives.

Share a link to your blog here as a comment and/or post a link to us via Twitter (@social_meded). If possible post your blog article on Friday November 19, 2010. (This is an exercise is social media time management!)

If you are a social media consumer and producer but do not have a blog or do not wish to post the article on your blog, you can share it here. Contact Carrie for details.

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