Thursday, August 12, 2010

How is social media being used in medical education?

We're looking for real-life examples of how social media tools are being used in medical education today. In part, we'd like to showcase a range of how educators are innovating using social media tools. Also, we're looking for a case to serve as debate fodder: we want medical education leaders to be able to fully discuss a case's potential pro's and con's.

Some real-life examples:
Twitter account for advising medical students
Reflective writing/narrative medicine blogs
Facebook page for medical school course
Podcasts for lectures, general school information
Twitter/Facebook pages for medical school admissions office

How are others using social media tools in meded?


  1. Hi! Great to see this. I have a few things that I can write about. Can I be a blog author and I promise to write a post properly summarising some of the things I have tried... there isn't too much. But it will be easier to embed things etc.
    Anne Marie

  2. Here is one example, a university elective course focusing on this issue since 2008

  3. I just started a FB group "OHSU Virtual Neurology Clerkship" as a place for students to share teachable moments. Still in its infancy, and hasn't been found my many yet, but maybe by AAMC we could have more traffic. Been using Twitter in an attempt to teach about neuro as @ohsuneuro and get students interested in neuro, but you all know that already.

    I went to a meeting where they used the YouTube video of "Scrubbin'" (I think they were from Pritzker) as a way to start conversation about how students are already using social media to communicate with each other.

  4. WE have a physician who uses skype to teach civilian physicians in Afghanistan. I know he would love to share with you.

  5. I use Facebook fan pages to connect with advisees, but also can repost other pages' content and connect with other organizations' pages. Twitter feeds go directly to the site (more effective for me than using Twitter to have students follow me). Also use iTunes to provide audio content for presentations for advisees and potential students.

    Fb Weblink:

    iTunesU link:

  6. Another thing: I use twibes to help aggregate posts of interest to premed and med students: . The results are partially fed into the Fb fan site. (There is another fan site for undergraduate research I also oversee at the institution.)

    I also use wikis to quickly update advisees of volunteering/shadowing, postbac, and research opportunities: .

  7. We have physiotherapy students completing formal projects in the open profession specific wiki, Physiopedia ( This is done under the direction of their tutor as part of their course.

  8. I post acid-base cases on an irregular basis - post case one day - answer later in the week.

    I also sometimes post my teaching on attending rounds.